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Hi, we are Anete Lusina & Geoff Powell,  UK based professional reportage wedding photographers, fine art photographers and fine art photography tutors, our work takes us from shooting weddings in Copenhagen to workshops in places like Gdansk, Venice & Paris as well as touring the UK. Now you have found us take some time in browsing the site and seeing what we have to offer, check the FAQ's section to answer your questions regarding fine art photography, such as what constitutes fine art, how does it differ from other styles of photography etc .


The site has two parts, the gallery which sells the prints and books and the fotography section which deals with fine art photography workshops, reportage wedding seminars and mentoring, the best method of viewing the site is to scroll as a continuous page, then select a page from the menu for a more targeted approach as and when your ready.


This is our main outlet for the fine art framed prints and books we produce, books are available as either printed or e.book pdf format so will be readable on any device. We  sell our work framed as we like to present the work as gallery standard and quality. The range of imagery take in fine art nude to contemporary city and minimalism. The books range from illustrated art based stories to inspirational photographic projects that are achievable within a three month time frame


This section is all about the fine art workshops we offer, along with reportage wedding mentoring for those who desire to be reportage wedding photographers. The photography workshops have been designed to go from image concept to framed fine art print in one day. Our photography workshops differ greatly from other photography workshops, in that we focus on fine art, fine art photography  is geared to concepts rather than subjects. Those concepts could be nude related to the coastal and inner landscapes. Just ask for our detailed pdf brochure along when viewing the fotography section.

The workshops include refreshments and buffet lunch.

We pride ourselves on producing unique fine art imagery along with structured photographic workshops that focus on understanding the art of photography. Everything we do carries money back guarantee

Our Trading Ethos

Lemon Tree gallery offer for sale ready framed Giclee original and unique fine art prints for home decor, from contemporary, urban art to fine art nude. All prints are printed on cotton rag fine art paper using carbon inks.

We believe art should be created from sustainable materials and priced for affordability, yet it should be original and unique. It should ideally provoke reaction, it should evolve and never be allowed to become static. The digital process we use is unique to us and is based on traditional darkroom techniques. All our imagery tells a story within the image.

We want our work  to compliment your decor, home or office and our work is designed to sit comfortably in the background, yet create pleasure when viewed up close.  Our art nude and art erotica photography is based around feminine concepts and digital printing process such as Lith and wet plate. We are passionate about how our work is printed and presented, and the locations it's designed to be displayed in. Everything we do is hand produced, all the materials we use are either recycled or eco friendly and sustainable. We work from home, we are not into mass production and we pride ourselves on a high quality product at a reasonable price. We are contactable and easy to talk to. You don't even have to buy our products, we give away e-books that give you ideas for projects and ways of presenting and preserving your work. We are first and foremost visual photographers, we don't dwell on technical issues; we have over 60 years of practical and professional experience, we stay clear of expressing views on cameras and associated photography equipment, we believe the best camera you can ever own and use is the one that feels right in your hand.


We have a one price policy for all our framed work (£75) and one price (£5) for all our digital downloads, which include image files and e-books.

Framed work includes postage and packing to UK mainland, rest of the world is at cost. 


We use Hahnemühle Bamboo fine art paper, which is the world’s first Fine Art Giclee paper made from 90% bamboo fibres, for a natural look and environmentally friendly paper production. The natural white, warm-toned bamboo paper does not contain optical brighteners, and stands out thanks to its soft, lightly textured felt structure and sensual feel. We use the best fine art cotton rag papers and museum archival mount-boards and we print all our work using state of the photo printers. We control the quality aspect along with the turn around from receiving the order to dispatch, and the work is printed and mounted to order. The average time from receiving the order to dispatch is 72 hours, so from order to delivery takes around 5 days, Sundays excluded.

The matt premium coating delivers excellent printing results with defined reproduction of colour and detail, particularly for warm hues and monochrome prints. Bamboo is acid- and lignin-free and meets the most precise requirements in terms of age resistance. The unique combination of sustainable bamboo fibres, soft surface texture and impressive print quality gives the artwork outstanding expression and soul.

290 gsm · 90% bamboo fibres · 10% cotton · natural white

The packaging and we use is made from recyclable materials and can be recycled after use. All our inks are made from natural pigments and cartridges are sent back to the original manufacturer for recycling.


Framed prints,from vintage art nude to contemporary monochrome plus books in print and e-book format.

Visit our Print & Book Shops to purchase any item

Print Shop

Ready framed original and contemporary fine art prints on cotton rag fine art papers for businesses or as home decor.

Book Shop

Printed and digital e-books covering various topics, from business resources to fine art erotica novels and inspirational art books.

Print Books


Five elements that make up a person, five chapters that tell a story. A brief visual journey that goes from innocence to darkness, told through beautiful fine art nude and erotica photography. Every woman has a darkness within her, it's only down to us whether we embrace it or hide it.

Wild Wood Wanderess

I take my viewer into my world of fantasy, erotica, dark and deep thoughts, and of course beautiful and emotive photography. Female friendly erotica is sensual enough to appeal to a wide range of people. Please view the link below to look through the book and to purchase it.

Photographie: Le Commencement

As a photographer, as an artist, what is that drives you? I visit photographers of different walks of life to find out what place does photography hold in their life and where they find their inspiration to keep going. What drives you? Please view the link below to look through the book and to purchase it.


So, You Wanna Be A Wedding Photographer?

A guidebook for those looking to enter wedding photography business - starting any kind of business can be daunting, which is why this book details the very essentials to consider when you're taking the leap. This is an ideal handbook for those who want to ensure they are prepared to take their passions and turn them into business! This e-book has 31 pages.


Free E-Books


“Discarded” is a visual documentary project about the relationship we have between ourselves and our things. From short lived ones to those that are full of history and memories. Living in a materialistic world, it’s important to remember we should not start treating people around us as things, or even worse - replacing them. Never planned, never set up, just pure and simple street photography.




None at all, we can even loan you a DSLR for the workshop.

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Projects designed to inspire and motivate.

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In a nutshell fine art is about the photographers interpretation of a concept.

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Fotography: the fine art workshops

The learning centre, taking you from image concept to a framed fine art print on our one day fine art photography workshops, photography ranges from fine art nude to inner landscape and coastal landscape.

Workshops held every sunday with a max. of two photographers. Workshops Cost Including Refreshments & Lunch - £135.00 to £150.00

About The Workshops

photography workshops that produce framed fine art prints

the art of seeing

about fotography & our one day image concept to fine art framed print workshops

 The most important lesson to learn is that photography is never about the camera, it's about the person with the camera. we hold one day photography workshops that go from image concept to fine art print every sunday.


Photography has many styles and genres from the pure representational to hard hitting documentary. Anete and I have our professional style, that of documentary reportage weddings and street photography and in tandem with that we have our fine art style. I have 50 years of experience and Anete has over 8 years, we work well together. There is that added magical ingredient of traditional darkroom skills combined with 21st century photoshop skills. We both understand and know photography, we love to coach others in understanding what personal photography is about and how to present it to the world. Our workshops are built around art concepts rather than subjects, yet they form the foundations of good photographic practice, such as content, composition and presentation.

Our photography workshops are really unique and one of a kind in the sense that the workshop objective is to shoot, post process, print, mount and frame in one day (9.00 to 17.30). There can be nothing more satisfying then ending the day with a piece of photographic art that earlier on was only a talked about concept. Photography has moved on these last few years, attitudes to photography has changed, the first realization is that photography isn't that technical, modern cameras have got us to the point and press stage, photography is not about the camera, its about seeing, its not really light critical anymore, modern dslrs can be used in virtually no light situations. Our workshops concentrate on seeing, on the visual side of photography, not the technicalities, we also define reasons for the taking of an image.

These workshops are designed for those who need or want to break away from the style of predictable camera club subjects to the more rewarding style of personal photography. Whilst Youtube is a great learning resource for basic conventional digital photography, there is a distinct lack of information relating to fine art photography so we chose to run workshops like these at affordable prices that also have the added advantage of creating your own fine art framed image and to reinforce the art aspect of photography.  So what is fine art photography? Well, definitions vary,  it's essentially photography that becomes an artistic interpretation of how and what the photographer visualized at the outset and reflects his/her vision, it's never just a direct representation of whats in front of the camera That is to say that the way the image is represented takes precedence over what the image is about. 

We need to dispel a few myths about digital fine art, photography, firstly its not just about adding filters to images, the concept comes first, the visualization of the print next, the visualization includes the type of fine art paper from ultra smooth to heavily textured. Then thought about how to create the style of the image, then the actual shooting. The post processing then follows a pre-determined route to get the image ready for printing. Street photography is an untapped treasure chest of fine art styled photography,




Location; Grimsby......The Fourth Sunday Of Every Month

This workshop is based around creating prints with a fine art look, the post processing recreates lith printing and digital wet plate photography, we have two themes, 'Flowers For The Bride' and 'Anonymity' Please note we do not do or allow glamour photography, the aim is create gallery standard fine art imagery.

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Workshop Location; The Yacht Club, Humberstone, Cleethorpes '.... The Third Sunday Of Every Month

The aim of the workshop is to produce a gallery standard fine art framed print, Buffet lunch supplied as is transport from our base to the coast.

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LOCATION; Caistor, Linconshire Wolds..... The Second Sunday Of Every Month

Our fine art workshops are designed to push your boundaries in 'seeing' and the icing on the cake is a 500x400 mm framed fine art image that you produce and take home on the day.

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Location; Grimsby.....The First Sunday Of Every MOnth

Our photographic projects are designed to push your personal photography and the art of seeing, each project when completed can be made into a beautiful hardcover book.

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Projects For You

Our projects are based on tried and tested themes that are achievable in the given time period and are not concerned about technicalities. These projects will get you thinking about creating something out of nothing, which is a true skill, advance your composition skills, increase your confidence and provide you with enough inspiration to create a finished product, such as an online e-book/ PDF or a printed portfolio that you can be proud of.

Street Photography Projects

Discarded: Structured Photo Project

Theme: Discarded (creating something thought provoking out of literal rubbish). How to push your creativity and enhance your overall photography skills? We have created a targeted street photography project that is achievable and helps you advance your composition skills, increase your confidence shooting in public and motivates you to finish what you started.


Isolation: Structured Photo Project

Theme: Isolation (creating artistic street images of people without the interaction). How to push your creativity and enhance your overall photography skills? We have created a targeted street photography project that is achievable and helps you advance your composition skills, increase your confidence shooting in public and motivates you to finish what you started.



Our musing range from events in progress, upcoming events, such as photographic advice and tutorials, to street photography adventures and updates on our next workshops or exhibitions.

If you're a male photographer documenting and creating photographic representation of 'female erotica', how do you make sure that what you are creating is truly from a feminine perspective? All too often photographers inject too much guidance (e.g posing directions) based on what they themselves consider erotic, but it's extremely hard, if not impossible, for the female model to take on this task and make the images appear natural.

The beauty in graphic portrayal of isolation.

The fine art landscape is really a reflection of the phase of life we are in at any given moment...is truth,mood or fantasy...

Vision is your way seeing, it's unique to you. Photographic style is simply how our photographs look; style helps to give identity to our work and connect it to us, it can become our signature.

From one major Yorkshire newspaper to another, we have now been featured in Yorkshire Post culture supplement as first of "Top 5 Picks of the best arts" in the Yorkshire area

2019 January is soon approaching and it's nice to look back at the journey we have made so far. Winter time, oddly enough, seems to be a busy period for us as we have travelled to Milan, Berlin and Gdansk in the cold winter months (gloves are a must!), and our first joint exhibition work was photographed in Paris in January.

We are delighted to say that our exhibition has also been featured in Yorkshire Evening Post, dated 19 Dec 2018. Have you got the latest paper?


Runs from 9th Dec 2018 to 1st March 2019

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